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15 Years of DevOps: What to Expect in 2023

15 Years of DevOps: What to Expect in 2023

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. As 2023 marks the 15th anniversary of DevOps, we can expect to see the maturation of other approaches born out of the DevOps example. These are sometimes called xOPS (DevSecOps, FinOps, DataOps, BizDevOps, GitOps, etc.). This means that we should expect each of

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Image representing the development cycle of an application

Top 10 DevSecOps tools

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. DevSecOps is a process of applying security best practices to the code and infrastructure as it goes through your development environment and deployment process/pipeline. We often talk about shift left security to describe this approach because most of the security validation is added early

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Image illustrating DevSecOps and the implementation of enterprise security

All about DevSecOps

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. We may approach a world where DevOps is becoming the norm. Still, with the significant cases that have surfaced recently, there is something missing in our approach to collaboration between development and operations. Integrate security has become a top priority for companies, and

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Définition du SRE

What is an SRE (Site Reliabilty Engineer)?

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) is a position that is gaining a lot of traction on the market, but for many, the concept raises many questions. What is the responsibility of an SRE? Should your organization adopt the SRE model? How is SRE related to DevOps?

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choisir formation devops

Choosing the right DevOps training

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. You will find new and innovative tools every year to add or replace your technical stack. There is a real need for IT professionals to stay on top of the wave by choosing the right DevOps course. Add the fact that while

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Comment rédiger un curriculum vitae DevOps percutant

My 5 Tips for Writing a CV in the Field of DevOps

By Clémence Gaisnon, recruitment and Talent Management Director @ Gologic Have you previously held positions in the field of DevOps or are you interested in switching careers to become a DevOps engineer?  Here are a few tips for writing your CV. Tip #1: Use the “storytelling” method in your tagline

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ci cd definition

What is CI/CD and how to apply it in your organization?

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous deployment (CD) are the core practices you will need to master in order to achieve a successful DevOps transformation. In this article, you will learn the CI/CD definition and what needs to be done to prepare your

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DevOps tools

The Essential DevOps Tools

These days, DevOps is a vital practice for organizations. This movement is the result of close collaboration between the development and system operations teams. The DevOps culture continues to grow in importance. But to achieve such a performance, you need to know how to outfit yourself with the right DevOps

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DevOps: What’s in It for Your Business?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has really shaken up the professional world. Its economic and human impact is so strong that companies have had to revise their ways of working. Although the DevOps culture has been ingrained in some companies for many years, it now seems more useful than ever. But do

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DevOps vs Agile Methods: The Differences

Information technology has progressed at the heart of corporate culture for several years now. Some companies, such as Gologic, even make it their specialty! Like other business sectors, IT needs a specific organization. This is where DevOps and Agile come in. But which methodology should you choose? To help you

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