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Our DevOps Services

DevOps assessment

Our DevOps experts can perform a DevOps assessment to take stock of your current project. This will help you make the most of your efforts and deliver value more quickly.

A proven method 

We have developed a strategic approach based on the major types of capacities described by DORA. We use these to assess the maturity level of your delivery process. Software delivery process capacities play a critical role in producing a quality product that is compliant and secure. The main goal of this exercise is to identify the current strengths and weaknesses of your development cycle. 

devops delivery services

DevOps assessment steps

The DevOps assessment is broken down into different workshops on the delivery process, development and architecture that we hold in partnership with your specialists. These workshops help foster a common understanding of the delivery environment, tools and platforms encountered in your DevOps transformation. The estimated time to carry out a DevOps assessment is 6 to 8 weeks

DevOps assessment deliverables 

After evaluating capacities and visualizing your process, our experts can synthesize results. We then draw up an action plan based on your business goals. You will get a clear, detailed roadmap, including:

  • Step-by-step game plan over a period of 3 or 6 months
  • List of specific objectives based on recommendations
  • Map of the project to illustrate key progress stages
  • Description of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved
  • List of required skills for teams to support this undertaking
  • Performance indicators to assess DevOps maturity 

We also support you in implementing these recommendations.

Our DevOps training workshops

We have drawn on our knowledge of DevOps best practices to perfect a series of theory‑based and hands‑on training workshops to support your teams.

They will gain the knowledge required to successfully embrace the changes sparked by implementing a DevOps culture. This training will help every player involved in this overhaul to adapt to the newly implemented DevOps development methods and tools.

Interactive, applicable and operational DevOps training

If you are in the initial stages of your DevOps transformation or are upgrading to get all your teams on the same page, our DevOps Foundation® training is all designed to strengthen your teams’ skills.

Une certification Devops Institute
The DevOps Foundation® training from the DevOps Institute forms the pillars of this culture: objectives, benefits, CI/CD principles, work environments, automation practices, concrete examples, etc. Gologic is an educational partner of the DevOps Institute. The DevOps Institute is an internationally renowned organization in the DevOps community.

If you are more focused on upgrading your teams’ technical skills, our hands-on workshops held on our RAFT platform will surely strengthen their ability to accelerate deliveries. To cover the entire development cycle, our DevOps experts have put together 4 useful workshops:

  • Pipeline as code
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Monitoring and feedback
  • Continuous development

Over 60 hours of theory‑based and hands‑on training and 36 experiential labs using the latest technologies on the market!

Get support with DevOps on demand

Whether it’s for DevOps coaching, developing pipeline as code, infrastructure as code, or site reliability engineering (Site Reliability Engineer), our DevOps consultants are available to support you. You will be able to draw on their expertise to fine‑tune your processes and tackle your business goals.

Gologic has been seeking out, developing, perfecting and certifying their talent and expertise to stay on top of the latest technologies and perfect their interactive capacities.

Our team consists of a number of experts with the following certifications: DevOps Foundation®, CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator), CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer), AWS, Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry).

Whether in the form of a squad, coaching, consulting services, or an hour bank, we support you in your DevOps transformation.

Some of our DevOps experts

Étienne Leduc - DevOps Advisor - Cloud and Infrastructure as code Expert
Étienne Leduc - DevOps Advisor - Cloud and Infrastructure as code Expert
Julien Dort - DevOps Coach and DevOps Foundation® Trainer
Julien Dort - DevOps Coach and DevOps Institute Certified Trainer
Warren Da Costa - DevOps Advisor, Developer and Scrum Master
Warren Da Costa - DevOps Advisor and Scrum Master
Catherine Raza - Team Lead, Analyst and Senior JAVA Developer
Catherine Raza - Team Lead, Analyst and Senior JAVA Developer
Lead DevOps Cloud and Automation Specialist
Marc Lajeunesse - Lead DevOps - Cloud and Automation Specialist


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