This was us in 2011

Winter was coming to an end, Hydro-Québec was reporting record electricity consumption, Pauline Marois was getting 93.08% support and the fight against shale gas was in full swing. In the midst of all these exciting events, a handful of IT consultants with solid experience wanted to build a company that would enable them to take matters into their own hands. The number 9245-1855 Québec INC. was soon assigned, taking the name of GOLOGIC.

No official office

From 2011 to 2014, we consisted of a group of business partners who were all in search of their first challenge! One of the partners had started a project called Flybox that involved developing ERP software for the metallurgical industry. Other requests continued to pour in from this same industry. This was all it took to launch the official opening of Gologic’s first office, nicknamed the “wardrobe.” It was our first gathering place and the starting point for a core group of individuals wishing to work together.

In exploration mode—with a precise destination in mind

For approximately two years, our group devoted itself to commercializing the Flybox platform. This involved coding, exhibitions and numerous meetings. More and more customers put their trust in Gologic and our group expanded its team. At the same time, our expertise in the continuous delivery field was growing due to the multiple roles we all held: developer, system administrator, team lead, integrator and even build master! The DevOps culture blended naturally with our vision of a technological future.

We’re on a roll...

There was an obvious fit between the internal development team and our DevOps consultants. We needed to express the foundation of DevOps, i.e., the collaborative aspect. Back in 2017, we aimed to position ourselves as the leading DevOps company in Montreal. Our business model shifted towards fostering human resources development. The goal was to train staff so they could power through assignments as a DevOps squad. We have continued to grow thanks to the partnerships we have developed throughout the Montreal technology ecosystem.

To infinity and beyond

A DevOps consulting team like ours is a must for most businesses these days. We understand their urgency to transform themselves to deliver more rapidly on the market. We are also aware of the scope of this transformation and of the repercussions it involves. We implement an incubation formula that combines human, operational and applicative aspects to facilitate your teams’ independence within the delivery cycle. Our strategy reflects the values that we advocate here at Gologic: collaboration, flexibility, innovation, challenges, independence and a learning culture!



The Gologic difference: our team’s experience, our extensive knowledge of IT and our professional work ethic.

As one of the top DevOps consulting companies in Montreal, we want to be the cornerstone of your projects and enable you to tackle daily challenges efficiently, quickly and definitively.

We are Gologic.



For over 20 years, I have been involved in several major projects. In recent years, I have focused on the Agile methodology to quickly deliver value to our clients.

Today, the DevOps approach has taken us to the next level. I have mainly contributed to the current ecosystem by creating microservices architecture integrated with automated development processes. This modularity allows teams to accelerate their delivery rate while being more flexible!

Over the course of my projects, I have gained experience in improving continuous delivery processes. My goal has always been to optimize releases. DevOps is a culture that reflects my vision for reinventing how IT teams operate.

I am described as an “integrator of collaborators.” In short, this means that I promote the collaboration and involvement of all the project members to optimize product delivery. In my opinion, this is an essential step for a successful DevOps approach!





denis dallaire

I have been passionate about process optimization since my early days in the information technology field. As someone who is very flexible, I have been working with the development and operations departments simultaneously since 2003. Continuous integration servers were making their debut! My other projects have focused on process automation and technology integration.

Today, I am actively involved in the operationalization of continuous delivery projects. I offer a “GitOps” solution for improving system health and increasing control over configuration modifications during deliveries.

As a senior Java developer and solutions architect, I have been programming for over 20 years. I know all the secrets of continuous feature delivery! Having collaborated on several important projects for a variety of clients from different fields has given me an overview of the best practices to implement to ensure product delivery.

To achieve this, I also believe that you need to   integrate the various systems in place, which is a really crucial component of DevOps.





I started my IT career as a Java developer, which allowed me to work on a continuous integration server as early as 2006. This gave me the itch for the operations side of this line of work. My interest in the integration process has grown over the course of my career, leading me to focus on continuous integration projects. Previously called a “Build Master”, my title eventually switched to DevOps.

My DevOps philosophy: the humans behind the technology must develop new technological habits to enable the full digital transformation of companies that wish to reflect the DevOps culture.