Training session: CI/CD basics in Azure DevOps

Do you want to master the art of continuous integration and continuous delivery? Discover our specialized 2-day CI/CD training session on the fundamentals of CI/CD in Azure DevOps. Explore the basics of CI/CD and discover how to create continuous delivery pipelines to improve the quality and security of your software.

On the Azure DevOps platform, explore hands-on workshops and universal concepts applicable to any technology. Automation will enable you to finally reveal the mysteries of the world of software development. We also offer a full suite of DevOps services to help you successfully implement your projects by optimizing your workflows and facilitating collaboration between your development and operations teams.

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Who is the CI/CD training session intended for?

The CI/CD training session is intended for anyone who works in the field of software development: developers, QA and systems administrators. It covers the main concepts and tools used all throughout the development cycle. You only need to have foundational knowledge of the field of development or operations.

What will be covered in the training session?

Une formation CI/CD menée par un professionnel du DevOps

DevOps concepts

In this chapter, Gologic will introduce you to the key concepts of architecture DevOps. You will learn how DevOps practices can strengthen collaboration between development and operations teamsspeed up deployments and improve software quality. Additionally, we offer the option to personalize your pipelines, set up dependencies between different steps, manage your secrets and secure your pipelines access. This understanding will be essential as you dive deeper into the CI/CD training session.

Managing source code

In this part, you will learn how to foster collaboration, track modifications made to the code and manage issues using Azure Boards. You will use Azure Repos and Git to efficiently manage your source code.

Your first pipelines

Dive into Azure Pipelines, the main tool in Azure DevOps. You will discover how to implement continuous integration pipelines to automate the creation of your application, including the building, testing and deployment processes.

Managing artifacts

This chapter focuses on managing artifacts; this will help you easily manage and share artifacts such as NuGet packages or Docker containers. You will learn about the differences between Azure Artifact and Azure Pipelines Artifacts. Lastly, you will learn how to use these artifacts in your Azure pipelines to simplify and optimize your deployment process.

Advanced security and configuration

Discover some of Azure Pipelines’ advanced functionalities. You will learn how to personalize your pipelinesset up dependencies between different steps, manage your secrets, secure your pipelines and play around with conditional steps.

Hands-on mini project

Finally, you will get to put into practice everything you have learned by doing a mini-project. It’s your turn! Using tools and techniques that you will have acquired during the course, you will simulate continuous deployment by setting up entire CI/CD pipelines for an application.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about implementing DevOps, CI/CD and Azure DevOps. Our enthusiastic trainer will guide you throughout the entire process by providing you with concrete examples and practical tips.

Dive into the exciting world of DevOps and Azure DevOps with our hands-on CI/CD training.

March 10-11 training

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$ 850
  • Online training
  • Limited places

April 7-8 training

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$ 850
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  • Limited places

April 21-22 training

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Introduction of our Gologic trainer

WARREN DA COSTA — DevOps professional consultant and trainer

Warren Da Costa formateur professionnel CI/CD Azure DevOps

A DevOps coach and professional trainer, Warren Da Costa started his career as a software developer in the field of embedded systems. The challenges he faced and the opportunities that arose brought him closer to the field of infrastructure and the cloud. So it’s only natural that he follows the DevOps philosophy by combining expertise in the development and management of production services.

He enjoys carrying out projects and is committed to achieving his team’s goals using a collaborative, results-oriented approach. This is why he is also interested in Agile methods.

Enthusiastic and driven, he has proven his ability to manage complex challenges using Agile and DevOps best practices.

Overview of the CI/CD basics in Azure DevOps training session


Immerse yourself in the world of continuous integration and continuous delivery, the famed CI/CD!

In this CI/CD training session, we will cover the CI/CD life cycle by explaining key principles and teaching participants how to use Azure DevOps. Through multiple hands-on workshops, participants will have the opportunity to create a pipeline and implement a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) protocol.

This automation will enable them to efficiently improve the quality and security of their software. Don’t miss this opportunity to efficiently automate your processes and improve the quality and security of your software. Sign up today to make a positive impact on the environment of your software development and delivery practices!

Topics presented

  • Introduction to DevOps and overview of Azure DevOps
  • Managing projects and code with Azure Repos, Git and Azure Boards
  • Automated testing with builds and Azure Pipelines (the basics)
  • Managing artifacts with Azure Artifact — Azure Pipelines Artifacts
  • Continuous Integration Pipeline Security Management

Type of workshop

Theory-based and hands-on workshop


Developers. Starting from 5 participants.


2 days


Basic knowledge of software development


On-site or remote

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) training is a set of software development practices aimed at automating and streamlining the process of developing, testing, and deploying applications. It enables the regular integration of new features into the main codebase, quickly detecting errors, and delivering updates in a continuous and reliable manner.

CI/CD contributes to the improvement of software quality by automating the processes of integration, testing, and deployment. This enables the rapid detection of errors, immediate feedback to developers, and more reliable and consistent production deployment. By promoting the continuous delivery of well-tested iterations, CI/CD reduces vulnerabilities and defects, thus ensuring higher-quality software products.


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