Gologic becomes a Redgate Partner!

We are pleased to inform you that Gologic is joining the Redgate partner network.

Montreal (Quebec) — June 20, 2024 — This new partnership is perfectly aligned with our commitment to help organizations accelerate their value delivery through the industry’s best DevOps practices. It also enriches our expertise in the fields of Database DevOps and DataOps.

Redgate offers innovative solutions that automate database deployments, improve test data management, and ensure multi-platform monitoring. These solutions help reduce time to market, enhance release quality, and secure DevOps processes.

Additionally, they facilitate cloud migrations, address skill gaps with a uniform user interface, and enable significant time and cost savings.

Thanks to our expertise in CI/CD pipeline automation, our experts are ready to assist database teams in implementing Redgate solutions. Thus, we will help improve performance, security, and collaboration between teams.

Contact us today for faster and more secure deployment!

Gologic becomes a Redgate Partner!

About Gologic

Since 2011, Gologic has been sharing the DevOps culture. Naturally, our positioning as an expert in continuous product-oriented delivery has developed over the years, resulting in deep knowledge of the industry’s best development practices.

Today, we support organizations, including banking, manufacturing, governmental, and telecommunications institutions, etc. to accelerate their delivery cycles through our DevOps health checks, training workshops, and on-demand DevOps services.

Our strategic approach adds value to processes, optimizes production releases, and ensures functional and secure application quality.
Collaborate. Automate. Innovate.

Additional Information

Visit our website to learn more: gologic.ca.
Email us at: contact@gologic.ca.
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Benoit Théroux
Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Lise-Andrée Duperré
Marketing manager

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