DevOps Assessment

Are you unsure of which path to take in your DevOps transformation?

Would you like to learn concrete solutions for concentrating on your most important task, delivering value to your clients?

Our DevOps assessment leads you to reflect on your software delivery cycle. From product management to operational support, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your entire process.

You will plan out your efforts strategically and optimize your product development. We perform our DevOps assessment by analyzing your process and evaluating the maturity of your practices. We then offer you recommendations that align with your business objectives.

We evaluate maturity based on the market’s DevOps capacities and identify bottlenecks in your value stream. We draw on your knowledge of the delivery process you have implemented as well as our DevOps expertise to develop a strategic plan for your successful DevOps transformation.

As an expert in your field, you are at the center of the solution!

A chance to get everyone on the same page!

All stakeholders in the delivery process are welcome to participate in this initiative. They simply need to be open to change and be interested in improving how the business operates. Experts in architecture, development, product management, quality assurance, operations, deployment, security or governance are all key players when evaluating the delivery process and your DevOps capacities.

Our approach brings together these various members to participate collaboratively in two workshops, leading to a common understanding of the delivery environment as well as tools and platforms.

Humain component

  • Is my team qualified and capable of adapting to a hybrid model, navigating through development and production? 
  • How can we break down silos to foster collaboration between Dev and Ops? 
  • Do I need to hire DevOps professionals to manage my process or do I need to set up communities of practice?
  • How will implementing a DevOps transformation impact my capacity to deliver features?

Technological component

  • How can I adapt my development infrastructure, tools and methods to accelerate delivery? 
  • Is my IT infrastructure up to date so I can implement a transformation requiring automation (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid, migration)? 
  • How can I accelerate my delivery process with my monolithic application?

Strategic component

  • Do I have a clear plan and a highly progressive, prioritized roadmap for improving my delivery process?
  • Have I thought about change management or governance? 
  • How can I switch from project mode to product mode to accelerate my value stream?
DevOps Foundation certification

Financial component

  • How much does a DevOps transformation cost? 
  • How can I calculate my return on investment to further my transformation efforts? 
  • How will I benefit and how can I measure the impacts of this transformation?

How do we assess your DevOps maturity?

We assess your maturity based on delivery capacities

Our strategy is centred around analyses and recommendations and is based on a scientific approach described by DORA (DevOps research and assessment). It is the longest running independent research program focusing on software delivery practices and capacities to date. Many organizations compare their performances to identify the most efficient industry protocols and thereby improve their own.

We perform our assessment based on the 4 major types of capacities recognized by DORA: technical, process, measurement and cultural. The maturity of each of these is assessed using the SMART tool (smart maturity assessment for lean product development), based on five levels: START → MOTIVATE → APPLY→ REVIEW → TRANSFORMED.

We meet with your teams involved in delivery and survey them to have them assess the maturity of each capacity. This process allows us to measure the maturity and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each of them to inform our recommendations.

To know where you stand, you need to see how you stack up against the industry leaders!

We map out your value chain to streamline your delivery process

To accelerate deliveries, people need to be involved and align their ideas with business objectives. In this second participatory component, we therefore offer to evaluate your value delivery process via a value stream mapping (VSM) exercise.  

Our value chain mapping workshop helps you understand the delivery process and its challenges. Teams map out all related activities, from business need, to development, to product release. Every step of the delivery process is identified and its duration and capacity measured. By breaking it down into a series of phases, we can identify bottlenecks and assess strengths and weaknesses.

Unnecessary steps, duplications, wasted efforts, time spent on validation and involvement of external stakeholders are just a few examples of activities that we focus on for their lack of value and that should be eliminated.

From this assessment, we create a map of the delivery process and associated value streams. The insights gained from this resource guide our recommendations and support the organization in their future decision making.

A detailed roadmap for accelerating your deliveries

To follow up on the assessment and visualization workshops and once we have reviewed the various documents, we draw up an action plan based on your priorities. We discuss and plan out recommendations together to develop a clear, detailed roadmap. The following is a summary of what you will find in this document:

  • Step-by-step game plan over a period of 3 or 6 months
  • List of specific objectives based on recommendations
  • Map of the project to illustrate key stages of progress
  • Description of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders involved
  • List of required skills for teams to support this undertaking
  • Performance indicators for assessing DevOps maturity

Long-term benefits for your organization

It is not easy to stop and take the time to plan out your strategy, but you need to be able to identify what adds value to your organization in order to make informed decisions. The benefits of performing an assessment include:

  • Significant reduction in work hours
  • Higher production performance
  • More proactive response to change
  • Better anticipation of lead times
  • Improved corporate culture
  • Enhanced visibility of your value chain for all stakeholders

In addition to our assessment of your delivery capacities, our service offering includes two other components: DevOps workshops, to help you understand this culture and develop your technical skills, and DevOps on demand—CI/CD, pipeline as code, microservice architecture, infrastructure as code, etc.

Switch from silo mode to collaborative mode!



Overview of the DevOps Assessment

Plan out your efforts strategically to optimize your development cycle. Using a structured approach based on our past accomplishments, we assess the maturity level of your delivery capacity as well as the requirements and limitations of its various players.

In collaboration with your experts, we harmonize processes while still prioritizing compliance, security and quality.


  • Assess the quality of the delivery process
  • Identify current strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarize delivery capacities
  • Develop an effective action plan
  • Synchronize your teams


  • Save time
  • Boost your performance
  • Respond more proactively to change
  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Get a comprehensive view of your value chain


  • Hands-on workshops carried out in collaboration with stakeholders involved in delivery
  • Minimum impact for your teams
  • Total estimated duration of 8 weeks, including delivery of a report
  • Workshops offered on-site and remotely


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