Training session: Docker basics

Together, we’ll take a deep dive into the fundamentals of Docker and learn how to develop hands-on workshops to simplify your application development and deployment process. With our tried-and-true teaching methods and comprehensive courses, you’ll be well equipped to master containerization, thereby enhancing your Docker skills.

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Who is the Docker training session intended for?

The Docker training solution is intended for anyone who wants to learn the basics of containerization. Whether you’re a developer, a system administrator or a team lead, in this training session you will create your first Docker images and deploy them. This course will furnish you with Docker knowledge and all you need to have is foundational knowledge in the areas of development or operations. The Docker application is a must-have for carrying out deployments.

What will be covered in the introductory Docker training session?

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Why containerization?

Explore the benefits of containerization and familiarize yourself with best practices for isolating applications and their dependencies, thereby maximizing their portability.

Using networks with Docker

Dive into network functionalities and learn techniques to create, configure and manage networks for connecting your containers seamlessly. Discover the various network options offered by Docker architecture to meet your infrastructure’s requirements.

Managing storage with Docker volumes

Discover how to implement volume management in Docker, while learning how to manipulate volumes to store data persistently. Understand installation procedures to effectively integrate them into your applications.

Dockerfiles and creating images

Learn how to create Docker images using Dockerfiles. This will allow you to construct your personalized images by specifying dependencies, configuration, and build steps. You will also learn how to improve your images and share them via Docker registries. This hands-on experience will enable you to easily and efficiently create images for your projects.

Managing a multi-container application with Docker Compose

Utilize Docker Compose, a vital tool for identifying and managing multi-container applications. This process is a must know for any DevOps engineer. Discover how to orchestrate your containers, manage dependencies between them, and simplify the deployment of your application in different environments.

Sharing Docker images from your application

Share your Docker images using registries such as Docker Hub. Organize your images so you can share them with your team. In this part of the training session, you will also learn advanced techniques, such as creating private references. This component forms one of the essential learning paths in mastering Docker technology.

Continuous integration and continuous deployment with Docker

Improve your continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes with Docker. Automate the construction (build), testing, and deployment processes for your applications using popular tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, or GitLab CI. You’ll also explore Docker commands essential for integrating containers in your CI/CD pipelines, thereby boosting your efficiency.

Securing Docker images

Explore best practices in security for Docker images. Identify vulnerabilities in your images and implement security strategies. The Docker training session also covers security, explaining functionalities such as:

  1. secrets management
  2. container confinement policies

This training session on Docker technology will enable you to master key concepts and best practices to transform your application development and deployment process.

March 10-11 training

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April 7-8 training

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April 21-22 training

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Gologic trainer

GHASSEN AOUINTI — DevOps coach and trainer

Ghassen Aouinti - formateur professionnel DevOps

Ghassen Aouinti, a Gologic DevOps coach and trainer, holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and has over 15 years of experience in the field of information technology. He started his career as an application and infrastructure administrator in the defence and geospatial industries.

His current work focuses on containerization, automation and programming in Python. He follows the DevOps philosophy and hones his skills to implement Agile and DevOps best practices in his various roles and projects.

This experienced trainer offers the following training sessions: Containers: Docker basics, Linux basics, and Installing, configuring and managing a Linux server. He also has certification as a LPIC-1 Linux Administrator, LPIC-2 Linux Engineer and DevOps Tools Engineer from the Linux Professional Institute.

Overview of the Containers: Docker basic training session


In this immersive, interactive training session, we’ll focus on situation simulations, enabling you to master key concepts and best practices pertaining to Docker technology. Through hands-on workshops, you will be coached in creating, configuring, accessing, and deploying Docker images.

This Docker courses segment, a must-have for IT teams these days, will significantly strengthen the resilience of your systems and improve cloud utility. You will be able to overhaul your application development and deployment process by putting into practice the skills taught in this immersive, interactive and hands-on training session.

Topics presented

  • Why containerization?
  • Using networks with Docker
  • Managing storage with Docker volumes
  • Dockerfiles and creating images
  • Managing a multi-container application: Docker Compose
  • Sharing Docker images from your application
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment with Docker
  • Securing your Docker images

In conclusion, sign up today for this interactive Docker training session focusing on situation simulations. Master key concepts and best practices through hands-on workshops. Strengthen the resilience of your systems and get the most out of the cloud infrastructure. Overhaul your application development and deployment process with this hands-on, practical training session.

Sign up today to become a Docker expert and maximize your IT performance in a world increasingly reliant on virtual machines. Don’t wait; your future starts here!

Type of workshop

Theory-based and hands-on workshop


Dev, QA, Ops. Starting from 5 participants.


2 days


Basic computer skills


On-site or remote


Learning about Docker will give you a leg up in a number of aspects of software development. You will be able to create isolated and reproducible environments, making deployment and testing easier. Additionally, Docker makes it easier to manage dependencies and improves application portability between different operating systems.

A Docker training session will help you learn hands-on skills such as creating and managing containers, manipulating Docker images, deploying applications, orchestrating containers with Docker Compose or Kubernetes, optimizing performances, debugging and maintaining applications in Docker environments.


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