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Qu’est-ce que le CI/CD et comment l’appliquer dans son organisation ?

What is CI/CD and how to apply it in your organization?

By Gologic with the collaboration of Alexandre Couëdelo. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) are the core practices you will need to master to achieve a successful DevOps transformation. Continuous Deployment is the Holy Graal of DevOps. It means your entire process is so mature that any code change

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Continuous Integration DevOps

Continuous Integration in DevOps: Definition, Methods, and Tools

Continuous integration (CI) is a key element of DevOps. Designed to automatically test the quality of the code during application updates, it facilitates and accelerates the work of the developers while ensuring better collaboration within the teams. Would you like to learn more about continuous integration in DevOps? The expert consultants from Gologic inform you

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les outils devops

The Essential DevOps Tools

These days, DevOps is a vital practice for organizations. This movement is the result of close collaboration between the development and system operations teams. The DevOps culture continues to grow in importance. But to achieve such a performance, you need to know how to outfit yourself with the right DevOps

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