DevOps on demand

From development to production, we are the cornerstone of your digital transformation!

Whether in the form of a squad or an hour bank, or through our coaching and consulting services, our DevOps consultants are there to help you improve your ability to deliver value. The Gologic difference: our collective experience, our extensive knowledge of IT and our professional work ethic. All this allows us to deliver the best DevOps on demand performances.


  • Microservices architecture
  • JAVA development
  • Versioning control
  • Automatic configuration 
  • Continuous code review
  • Test integration
  • Software development automation

CI/CD - Delivery pipeline

  • Continuous integration: compilation, testing and release
  • Continuous delivery: deployment, testing and promotion
  • Continuous deployment: blue-green deployment, auditing and monitoring
  • Delivery pipeline as code

Infrastructure as code

  • Operationalization of environments
  • Dynamic infrastructure design
  • Implementation of automation and provisioning tools
  • Implementation of a monitoring and self-service system

Some of our DevOps tools