Bootcamp DevOps at Desjardins

Gologic and Louis-Philippe Carignan held a DevOps Bootcamp for a Desjardins Digital team.

Theory, games, applications, and discussion were on the agenda to create a conclusive experience.

Developers, architects and administrators participated in order to demystify DevOps, become familiar with the culture, test the concept and envisage possible applications for their own IT environment.

We began with an overview of DevOps.  Benjamin Lallement, DevOps advisor, explained: “Essentially, you need to remember that this culture encourages collaboration between the development and operations roles.  All actors must be involved in the project very early on, and communicate with one another. Harmonizing processes is another key element of DevOps. All specialized departments in the work processes must adopt the same method.  And never forget automation, another crucial element to improve productivity. Last but not least, keep this message in mind. If you want to apply DevOps, do so one small step at a time: one application, one geographical space, and be sure to select tools that everyone will adopt.”

Then, scrum master Louis-Philippe Carignan led us into Kanban territory.  The goal of this approach is to better define, manage and improve IT projects. A concrete example of Kanban was explained to the team, to demonstrate that one of its main advantages is to better manage flow, and specifically, to predict estimated delivery times within a precise percentage.

The Bootcamp ended with recommendations to implement DevOps culture throughout the IT team: diversifying the development team, improving development phases, and finally, continuous automation.

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Article published by Lise-Andrée Duperré

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