Pipeline as code workshop

Accelerate your launches with continuous delivery

Join Gologic to take part in our Pipeline as code workshop and develop your team’s technical skills.

“Everything as code” is a popular phrase in DevOps culture and a key competency for product teams. Having a fully coded continuous deployment process makes for rapid deliveries and minimizes operational issues.

In response to growing demand, Gologic is offering a technical workshop during which participants learn to code a delivery pipeline using the industry’s best practices.

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to boost your independence!

What is the Pipeline as code workshop?

In this hands-on workshop, participants learn how to develop a pipeline through continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. Your team members will deepen their knowledge and hone their skills in process automation and the integration of new tools into the development cycle of a software application.

Over the course of two consecutive days, participants will benefit from 16 hours of taught theory and technical labs.

The Pipeline as code workshop is targeted to a wide range of participants, including developers, testers, system administrators and security specialists.

What will be covered in the Pipeline as code workshop?

Trainers start with the basics by defining key terms and concepts explored over the course of the workshop:

  • What is a pipeline as code?
  • The difference between continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment

Next, we present to participants the application used as a “guinea pig” for performing labs, as well as all technologies used.

Continuous integration and delivery

The first series of technical labs deals with continuous integration. This is where the pipeline comes to life. Participants compile, test and publish source code.

The second series covers continuous delivery, from deployment to promotion. At this stage, participants deploy the application in their environment, perform quality assurance tests and prepare for the release.

Continuous deployment: the culmination of automation!

In this third series, continuous deployment takes shape. Participants focus on organizing their release properly. End users will then have access to a stable version of the application that will provide constant feedback, making it easier to perform updates. 

This phase ends with the configuration of monitoring metrics in dashboards—an essential component of your successful shift to DevOps.

Dive even deeper into DevOps

We wrap up the workshop with a discussion of various topics to encourage deeper reflection and allow participants to leave with concrete ideas: pipeline management, infrastructure as code, monitoring and feedback, continuous development…Gologic covers all these topics in our DevOps workshops!

Trainers take the opportunity to answer participants’ questions regarding their technological challenges.

In addition to this component, Gologic offers a DevOps on demand service. Through our coaching or consulting services, or via an hour bank, our experts are there to help you pick up the pace!

Switch from silo mode to collaborative mode!          

Discover the technology stack of the Pipeline as code workshop

The Pipeline as code workshop in summary

This hands-on workshop teaches you how to develop pipeline as code through continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. Your team will gain a better understanding of the stages of pipeline as code, as well as process automation and the integration of new tools into the development cycle.

Type of workshop

Hands-on workshop


6 to 8 participants


2 days


Infrastructure or software development experience

On-site or remote

On-site or remote


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