DevOps on demand

From development to production, we are the cornerstone of your DevOps journey!

Whether in the form of a squad, coaching, consulting services, or an hour bank, our DevOps experts boost your ability to deliver value. Their transferable skills have given them an excellent understanding of the overall delivery process and the challenges it involves.

DevOps Coaching

Our DevOps coaches have many years of experience in delivering digital solutions. They have held positions including developer, system administrator, integrator, build master, etc. These experiences have instilled them with in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and development methods.

They aim to help IT teams increase their awareness of, and automate, their roles and processes. 

Our DevOps coaches draw on their experience to bring a customized approach to a variety of different situations, technologies, levels and specializations. They are well versed in aligning strategies to meet your business needs.

Our services:

  • Management of your DevOps initiative and operationalization of your DevOps centre of expertise
  • Team coaching to ensure that deliveries follow industry best practices for development
  • Support for implementation and maintenance of continuous delivery tools
  • Implementation of an automated testing strategy: best practices, tool configuration, documentation, etc. 
  • Development of proactive monitoring strategies and observability strategies for applications
  • Identification of performance indicators to evaluate teams’ DevOps maturity
  • Continual improvement of established strategies and roadmaps
  • Optimization of the governance model for DevOps practices
  • Recommendations on the best choice of tools

Development and CI/CD delivery pipelines

Our experts in development and delivery pipelines are here to lend you a helping hand in implementing the infamous pipelines as code, automated software production lines that include development, integration, testing, delivery and continuous deployment (CI/CD). 

They help you write and maintain the source code for your application development. They integrate effective tools that allow your development and operations teams to collaborate and get an overview of the delivery process.

Your teams will therefore spend less time correcting mistakes. Development cycles are fast and periodic. Updates are performed continually to meet your business needs. 

Our services:

  • Architecture modelling for the implementation of CI/CD processes
  • Continuous integration: compilation, testing and publication
  • Continuous delivery: deployment, testing and promotion
  • Continuous deployment: deployment without service interruptions, blue-green strategy
  • Development of delivery as code pipeline
  • Development of microservices architecture and DDD
  • Development and integration of API/Web services
  • Development of security, transactional and Web software
  • Testing pyramid automation

Infrastructure as code

Our experts in infrastructure as code ensure the availability of secure and compliant automated self-serve platforms for your development teams. Your developers can therefore deploy automatically, eliminate repetitive tasks and collaborate efficiently.

Our specialists support you in designing and implementing dynamic, flexible container infrastructures that meet your business needs. You will be able to more easily manage the costs of your cloud or on-site infrastructure, reduce risks and accelerate deliveries.

Additionally, they plan and put in place monitoring and reliability strategies so you can be proactive in adapting to change. 

Our services:

  • Design of dynamic self-serve infrastructure
  • Implementation of automation and provisioning tools
  • Delivery pipeline development and environment provisioning 
  • Development of scenarios and tools for facilitating releases
  • Implementation and configuration of tools for managing server clusters
  • Creation of scenarios for automation, deployment and orchestration of PaaS, IaaS, K8S, etc. 
  • Migration to the private, public or hybrid cloud
  • Implementation of cloud security strategies
  • Implementation and management of monitoring and observability systems

*Our team consists of a number of experts with the following certifications: CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator), CKAD (Certified Kubernetes Application Developer), AWS, Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and PCF (Pivotal Cloud Foundry).

SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)

Our experts in reliability, more commonly known as SREs (Site Reliability Engineers) act as a liaison between development and operations. They are the linchpins of our company thanks to their extensive expertise in operations and their knowledge of software operations and development. 

Their main focus is to make strategic tools available to developers and system administrators for communicating information and requests between these two departments. They also implement policies and processes for improving incident management. Our SREs have mastered the development of relevant, efficient dashboards based on key performance indicators for highly accessible applications.

They automate repetitive manual tasks, saving you time and helping you avoid mistakes. 

Our services:

  • Development of tools to help your operations and support teams
  • Collection and analysis of key metrics for ensuring that applications are highly accessible: latency, traffic, mistakes and saturation
  • Implementation of monitoring dashboards and alerts with performance indicators 
  • In-depth post-incident reviews and identification of remedial actions needed to strengthen the reliability of services, systems and infrastructures
  • Creation and deployment of automated architecture and alerts for making environments easier to maintain
  • Monitoring, management and troubleshooting of common tasks to improve workflows
  • Creation and maintenance of documentation on processes, automation, infrastructure, resources and services
  • Development of SLAs, SLOs and SLIs

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