Continuous development workshop

Discover the best tried-and-true development methods

The DevOps culture allows organizations to quickly develop software applications and offer solutions that meet users’ needs. 

However, continuously delivering business value is no easy task for IT teams!

Gologic offers a Continuous development training session to assist local businesses. This workshop primarily focuses on enabling participants to properly identify the most efficient development practices. 

This unique format combines labs, hands-on exercises and pair programming to test and validate the theoretical concepts presented.

What is our Continuous development training session?

Your team learns how to get organized by collaborating and understanding the entire life cycle of a software program. Participants explore success criteria for continuous development, experiment with integrating tests into processes and master methods for accelerating and for adapting to change as required by the current market.

Over the course of two consecutive days, participants benefit from 16 hours of taught theory and technical labs.

The Continuous development workshop is targeted to a wide range of participants, including developers, testers, system administrators and security experts.

What will be covered in the Continuous development training session?

Trainers begin by presenting critical elements to factor into your product development planning in accordance with the DevOps culture:

  • Collaboration methodologies implemented
  • Roles and responsibilities of members involved
  • Overall life cycle management process for a software application

Explore success criteria for continuous development

Next, trainers introduce participants to development branch models and discuss how to organize the subsequent work. In addition to properly preparing the team for “branching”, trainers teach participants the secrets of effective delivery: version control, asynchrony and incident management. 

We then touch on the temporal aspect of maintaining code. Trainers discuss the infamous technical debt and its complexity, as well as redesigning applications and implementing scalable architecture that adapts to market agility.

Lastly, participants learn about the “10 Commandments of Development.” Our recommendations are based on the renowned methodology of the Twelve-Factor App.

Test automation: an essential step in continuous delivery

Unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests…it can be confusing to sort out the various types of tests to integrate to ensure an application’s quality. Therefore, trainers define the testing pyramid, its layers, designated managers and maintenance, and the management of test datasets. 

With the aim of expanding test coverage, we explain how to implement test automation using the Robot Framework tool and apply this process to an actual situation. Concepts, tools and planning are also discussed.

This component of the workshop ends with a discussion of testing “toggles”, or changes in a feature’s state.

Accelerate while adapting to change

In the last component, we discuss the concept of scalable architecture. The main idea is to build a structure that, thanks to DevSecOps, will be modular, secure and designed for the business field.

Participants conclude their series of labs by practicing centralizing system calls and securing the product.

Dive even deeper into DevOps

We wrap up the workshop with a discussion of various topics to encourage deeper reflection and allow participants to leave with concrete ideas: monitoring and feedback, infrastructure as code… Gologic covers all these topics in our DevOps workshops!

Trainers take the opportunity to answer participants’ questions regarding their technological challenges. 

In addition to this component, Gologic offers a DevOps on demand service. Through our coaching or consulting services, or via an hour bank, our experts are there to help you pick up the pace! 

Switch from silo mode to collaborative mode!   

Discover the technology stack of the Continuous development workshop

The Continuous development workshop in summary

This hands-on workshop provides an overview of the best development methods to accelerate deliveries. Your team members will be able to identify the key elements of successful continuous delivery, as well as methods for optimizing processes and reducing lead times.

Type of workshop

Hands-on workshop


6 to 8 participants


2 days


Infrastructure or software development experience

On-site or remote

On-site or remote


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