Life at Gologic

Gologic team members are often on-site with clients. However, this does not prevent us from using tools such as Slack to stay connected and share knowledge. We focus on results, not on micromanaging. We like to share experiences for collective and personal improvement.

Our incubation program

Is your IT career in a slump? Are you looking to pivot in order to focus on the technologies of the future? Would you like to learn to navigate your way through tools like Spring, Docker, Jenkins, Artifactory, SonarQube, OpenShift, Kubernetes and many others?

The Gologic team can introduce you to the DevOps culture, help you hone your skills and get you involved in our most daring and ambitious projects!

Our goal is to train you so you can power through exciting assignments and  become a DevOps Rockstar. DevOps initiates a cultural shift. It automates deliveries, industrializes solutions and brings together IT teams so they’re cooperating in harmony.

Are you community-oriented and motivated to discover new, avant-garde technologies for automating and optimizing processes?

Gologic is looking for candidates like you!

Our available DevOps jobs in Montreal