DevOps Bootcamp

A first step towards the DevOps culture

Has your IT team been wondering what DevOps is all about? Enjoy the experience of Gologic’s DevOps Bootcamp as a group. This workshop is a great icebreaker and an excellent opportunity for discussing the “why” and “how” of implementing this approach. Our experts cover a number of topics that are essential to making such a shift successfully done.

Here are some examples:

  • Collaboration between development and operations.
  • Understanding everyone’s roles.
  • The importance of having a team spirit mindset regarding a product.
  • Establishing a known, controlled and organization-wide process.

Gologic’s DevOps Bootcamp is the first training session in our series of DevOps workshops. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of industry best practices, we have been training teams to operate independently within their delivery cycle since 2011!

What is a DevOps Bootcamp?

Here, the term Bootcamp refers to a short, intensive training session during which participants are invited to buckle up and get right to work!

The workshop lasts four hours. Our experts alternate between presenting theoretical content, sharing on-the-ground experience and leading games to test concepts.

There is no prerequisite to register. All members involved in products can participate: developers, system administrators, quality analysts, solution architects, business professionals, etc.

What happens during Gologic’s DevOps Bootcamp?

We start by explaining the elements needed to spark this cultural shift. Why have businesses created silos between development and operations? Why has bureaucracy taken hold over time, resulting in long, tedious lead times? These are some questions addressed by our experts.

We then define the DevOps culture. We discuss its origin and evolution, as well as key concepts and models vs. anti-models of this approach.

Next comes the best part for many participants: exploring continuous delivery, the infamous pipelines for saving time and, of course, metrics to measure for evaluating maturity!

To properly summarize the topics covered, we take you to the heart of the action with an actual case. This allows participants, along with their IT teams, to fully immerse themselves in a real-life experience and determine the first steps to take upon returning to their companies.

Finally, participants play a quiz game to test their knowledge. The schedule also includes time for questions, discussions and anecdotes.

DevOps Bootcamp: a fun, constructive and enriching activity that is not to be missed!

In addition to our workshops, we offer two other services as part of our proposal: assessments to evaluate product and infrastructure delivery capacities as well as DevOps on demand: CI/CD, pipeline as code, microservice architecture, infrastructure as code, etc.

Switch from silo mode to collaborative mode!


The DevOps Bootcamp in summary

Through this Bootcamp led by industry experts, you will discover the concept of the DevOps culture as well as related benefits. We present best practices that your IT team tests through fun games, followed by constructive feedback. We then present you with a real-life case study that has already been experienced by a company. Lastly, we explain how to adapt this method to your existing management practices and techniques.

Type of workshop

Theory-based and hands-on workshop


General public. 16 to 32 participants.


4 hours


No prerequisite


On-site or remote