Gologic offers your company on-site coaching at your place of business. We’ll help your IT team switch to DevOps and train them in the culture, practices and tools they’ll need to succeed.

Want your team to be self-sufficient? Coaching allows you to instill best practices in automation and seamless integration so you can deliver with fewer errors and less risk.

More agile, more flexible, for seamless delivery. Your IT team will benefit from:

  • On-site coaching in your own IT environment to train future DevOps fans.
  • Flexible specialists who adapt their coaching to suit your needs, the size of your IT team and your availability.

Our formula is simple. We want to communicate our passion for DevOps and spread the word to your IT environment!

Whether you’re just getting started or ready to take your team to a new level, the Gologic team can help you evaluate your coaching needs.