BizDevOps Bootcamp

Customized training to accelerate your trajectory!

Is your organization shifting to DevOps? Struggling to keep your IT and business teams in sync? Gologic offers you their BizDevOps Bootcamp: the perfect activity to help you tackle this significant change and rise above the multiple human and technological challenges that it entails!

This workshop includes both theoretical and practical components and is part of our workshop series developed by our experts at Gologic. We understand the obstacles you face when shifting to the DevOps culture. We’re therefore proud to share our experience with local businesses.

Training is essential for successfully adopting this new approach. It helps you adapt and identify potential benefits for your organization.

What is BizDevOps?

To properly understand the meaning of the term BizDevOps, let’s start with the basics by defining its predecessor… DevOps!

DevOps is a culture that aims to reduce organizational friction between development and operations. This culture encourages and facilitates collaboration between players involved in software delivery.

While it’s clear that DevOps accelerates launches and strengthens connections between development and operations, it’s now crucial to get business professionals involved in the cycle more quickly.

BizDevOps, or DevOps 2.0, is therefore the evolution of DevOps—developers, the operations team and business professionals collaborating on application development.

Gologic’s BizDevOps Bootcamp

Join us for an interactive experience that highlights best practices to follow to align your organization’s needs with your product development.

Our BizDevOps Bootcamp lasts four hours and is designed for managers who work in marketing, sales, project management, development and operations.

This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the BizDevOps culture and discover its origins and the problems it can help you solve.

The BizDevOps Bootcamp is divided into sections where we present both theoretical content and strategic advice, as well as share our experience and lead games to test concepts.

We explain the four phases to implementing a BizDevOps approach:

  1. Adapt
  2. Define
  3. Align
  4. Approve

Along with these four phases, we present the three main types of data that need to be analyzed and that generate business value:

  1. Passive data (aka RUM)
  2. Active data (aka Synthetic Monitoring)
  3. Data on the development cycle of software applications

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share ideas, understand the power of the data at your fingertips and discuss collective intelligence.

In addition to this educational component, Gologic also performs development and infrastructure assessments to evaluate your DevOps maturity level.

We aim to provide guidance to teams to increase their awareness of, and to automate, their roles and processes, with the objective of increasing the speed and quality of the team’s performance!

Switch from silo mode to collaborative mode!

The BizDevOps Bootcamp in summary

Through this expert-led bootcamp, your business team will come to understand the issues faced by IT teams and become familiar with the concept of the BizDevOps culture as well as related benefits. We explain how business people innovate and improve in collaboration with IT teams through fun games, followed by constructive feedback. To conclude, we present you with a real-life case study that has already been experienced by a company.

Type of workshop

Theory-based and hands-on workshop


General public. 16 to 32 participants.


4 hours


No prerequisite


On-site or remote


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